I've known Keith for many years, it all started over burritos. He always has a smile on his face and is upbeat, smart and dependable. It wasn't until a few months ago that I found how he is a miracle worker as well! The process of buying a home seemed so confusing and out of reach for me. Keith simplified everything but paid attention to every detail at the same time. I felt like he really knew what I was looking for and didn't stop until we found it. When I found the perfect place, I was the second bid so sadly I thought my dream was over. Keith never lost hope though and checked in about the deal weekly until we finally got the news that the house would be mine! I can't say enough how much I recommend him and his company, Terra Firma Global Partners.

Thank you so much for making my dream a reality :)

— Jess C.

Real estate is super competitive and there are many agents to choose from. As a top agent in San Francisco, my standards are high and I know what to look for in other agents. When I need to find an agent for clients in another area, I look for folks who not only get results but also deliver value and a good experience. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Keith White. He is professional, friendly, even charming!, and a true professional. He works hard for his clients and clearly loves real estate. What I liked best about working with Keith is his manner. He is simultaneously "on the ball" and laid-back. Real estate sales are high stakes and often, high stress. Having a calm and collected agent will benefit both your bottom line and your blood pressure.

— Danielle L.

Integrity and Friendliness are perfectly blended in Keith R. White and Terra Firma Global. In this complex process being able to trust in Keith was a relief. And his humor helped relieve any possible stress. Plus, his fore sight from his experience as an appraiser, able to identify potential problems ahead of time, prevented a lot of future stress from the get go. Terra Firma Global and Keith R. White are certainly the pre-eminent choice.

— James W.

Buying a home can be really stressful. When we decided to buy and quit renting, I called Keith for advice. He was highly recommended by our other friends in town. I totally trust Keith, he gave us honest advice from the beginning and was knowledgable about the process. We ended up buying a home on the West side of Petaluma and are super happy. The timing was perfect and he called it exactly! Our house is worth way more today than when we initially purchased. I recommend him whole heartedly to anyone looking to buy or sell in Petaluma or the surrounding area.

— John M.

We feel incredibly lucky that we happened to connect with Keith midway through our search for a piece of land to build a house on in Marin county. From the beginning Keith really took the reins to help us above and beyond our expectations - he set up a custom search for us through his firm that selected lots that might be of interest to us, and sure enough this is how we found our dream lot. The lot had been on the market for a few months already but we'd never seen it listed through our own searches. Because the property is raw land that we will be building on, there were many considerations and costs to assess, all of which Keith participated in thinking through with us. The negotiation of the purchase was also complicated and lengthy, Keith handled it masterfully. Throughout the process I was blown away by his dedication - from walking the land in the pouring rain with us to going through contracts late at night because of our busy schedules. I can't recommend him highly enough! We actually missed our day-to-day interactions with him once our purchase was finalized. :)

— Kate P.

When we decided to move to Petaluma we met an agent that was a recommendation from a friend. Ultimately that didn't work out, and then I found Keith. From our first meeting I really saw what I'd been missing as far as customer service with the agent we worked with before him. I told Keith about a property we were interested in (a real fixer-upper) and when we met at the site he had already looked into the prices/permits/and depth of work that was needed to get the place up and running. I was so impressed and grateful for the legwork he'd done. And then he tells me that not only did he do it to prepare himself on how to guide me through that particular property, but also because of his own interest in the story of that house/land. "I tend to go down the rabbit hole because I love the history of this town and these properties" he says. If that's not the attitude of someone you want on your side when getting excited about buying a house, I don't know what is.

— Kate J.

Making such huge life decisions is nerve wracking. Luckily Keith made the whole process stress free and easy, He answered every concern or found someone who could. I am actually doing some finance work with someone he recommended. Keith is easy going, professional and extremely trustworthy. Definitely work with him if you get the chance.

— Jeremy M.

Keith was fantastic and helped us tremendously. He has extensive knowledge of the area. If we have the opportunity to work again with Keith, we will be happy to have him help us again!

— Ike R.

When we decided to move to Sonoma county a friend in Sebastopol recommended Keith. He took the time to point me in the right direction in order to find the right agents to sell our home. Keith helped us find our new home, where we are all very happy! He told us about some great spots that have become favorites. He also introduced us to some people in the area that are new friends. He was great to work with.

— Ayana R.

Great hardworking and honest. Keith is great at returning phone calls and very personable. You can't find a better person to buy or sell your home. He was the listing agent on my house and made the process painless and produced a sale in record time.

— Sandra R Kolakowski

Keith was such an excellent agent. He was always available and completely flexible. He provided sound advice that was really helpful to us as first-time buyers. His knowledge and experience were evident. He was never pushy and we never felt pressured only supported. He was able to get us an excellent price and a faster than expected close. We highly recommend him!

— cornellkelli

I have worked with many agents over the years and Keith is on a very short list of agents (two) that I would recommend without hesitation to a buyer or a seller.

— Pdpombo2

Keith is willing to show you the houses you're interested in, no matter how inconvenient it may seem. In 2015, we considered moving from Santa Rosa to Guerneville and even though it was out of the way and not what we had been looking at before, he gladly showed us what we wanted to see. Even though he probably could have made a sale, he chose to give us the advice best suited to our needs which meant staying in Santa Rosa and postponing buying our next house until a future date. He's sincere, ethical and a pleasure to work with. You can count on Keith to look out for your best interests. My wife and I completely trust Keith and would recommend him to anyone looking for an honestly good realtor.

— hex97

Keith is an incredible Real Estate professional, highly responsive and compassionate. He goes above and beyond and has his clients best interest in mind at all times.

— Beth Arbios

We met Keith at an Open House and on the spot knew we wanted to work with him. He was thorough, professional, well informed and extremely helpful in the process of purchasing our property in Sebastopol. We cannot recommend Keith enough!!

— user08819969

We did a 1031 exchange (two houses) and Keith was instrumental in helping us identify great properties within a limited time frame, execute due diligence in a timely fashion, and negotiate a fair price for purchase. In addition to being a great professional, Keith is warm, funny and generous. I highly recommend him as a real estate agent for purchasing property and will definitely use him when it is time for us to sell these investment properties.

— Bonnie B

I would highly recommend Keith. He has assisted me with appraisal and purchase transactions. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and a pleasant person to be around. He also does a great goat impression!

— kevinmiyama

A friendly, local, well connected agent with an appraiser's knowledge. What a rare and wonderful combination of professional skills to have on my team. First, Keith was always on my side only. He heard what I wanted and worked tirelessly to get it. Second, Keith has no competition because there is no one else with his skill set. Work with Keith to get into the home you want as quickly as possible and for the best price.

— James White

I would recommend with the highest regards Keith white. He was passionate, patient, understood our needs, negotiated on our behalf, went beyond the call of duty, and is a true local expert. Without hesitation I would recommend Keith and his company over all others in Northern California.

— jesse830

Keith was fantastic and helped us tremendously. He has extensive knowledge of the area. If we have the opportunity to work again with Keith, we will be happy to have him help us again!

— ikeraya

Keith is professional, thoughtful, dependable, and hardworking. I have enjoyed working with him. I highly recommend him to buyers and sellers. He went above and beyond my expectations.

— sarahbayag

Keith is a class act. He is sharp, knowledgable about his market and truly has a passion for what he does. When working together, he makes each experience seem effortless and fun. Our kids are the same age and I found it helpful that during our appointments, we could ebb and flow from the topic on hand, to a story about one of our kids, then get back on topic and then maybe off again. I highly recommend him.

— stubblefieldfamily317

Keith White worked a miracle for me selling my condo in two days for more than my asking price! Keith has an amazing connection to the community and his pulse is on the fast paced real estate market. I was impressed that I could sign most of the documents while on vacation abroad. My experience with having Keith as my agent was absolutely wonderful! Thank you, Keith White and Terra Firma for closing the deal for me!

— Lorie James Frost, Petaluma, California

Keith White was the best real estate agent I ever worked with. First of all he is a very friendly person to work with. He knowns his real estate area very well and was able to get top dollar for my properties. He was also available to help me in deciding what areas of the property needed repair in order to get me my top dollar for the property. I would recommend Mr. Keith White to anyone who want to sell a property, work with a real professional and get top dollar for their property.

— bernardring

Keith was born and raised in this area. He is a realtor and an appraiser with many years of appraisals under his belt. He was hand picked and trained for his job by a person who knew him from his previous job. This person knew that he was very dependable, personable and has an air of integrity about him. He has helped us many times. Even just answering simple questions. He always makes time for his clients. I highly recommend this honest young man.

— papasandpollo

I can tell that he is knowledgeable, forthright and well connected in the real estate industry. I imagine that Keith's expertise as an appraiser gives him a unique perspective for clients.

— Aaron W.

Keith is as good as it gets in the real estate industry. He has an intimate knowledge of Bay Area real estate, is hard working, and an all around pleasure to work with. Above all Keith is professional and ethical.

— Kevin K.

Keith Is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He has personally sent me many leads for my flooring business and is prompt and professional. I have not worked with him yet as a buyer or seller, but i definitely will when the time comes for us to buy.

— John M.

Keith took very good care of us. He was an excellent listener and took the time to really listen to what we wanted. He seemed to make everything ok and took the edge and stress off of our biggest purchase ever! I trust Keith and he made our process very easy and comfortable. He found us exactly what we were looking for. He was calm cool and collected at all points of our transaction. Keith has a great way of making things easy with his honest and clear communication. I noticed right away that he was good with the other agent and very respectful to everyone involved. I would happily recommend Keith to anyone buying in the local Petaluma area.

— Ikeraya